What Does It Mean When You Draw The King Of Wands In A Tarot Reading

Published: 21st August 2009
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Cooperation in professional projects brings great rewards. Use your intuition and treat others royally. Read the entire article to know the basic tarot card meaning of King Of wands if it appears in a tarot reading.

When court cards like the King Of wands appear in a tarot card spread, they frequently indicate a person and sometimes stand for a state of mind or situation. When you draw the King of Wands in a tarot reading they usually are a fiery type. Before we go on though, it's important to realize that real life human beings are much more subtle and complex to be relegated to a set of character traits.

However this guide will give you a generic idea of the basic traits of people represented by the tarot card suits of Wands more specifically the King of Wands.

The King of Wands often represents active,energetic,charismatic and pleasantly selfish man whom you are likely to meet at work or through business dealings. He is a good company with great sense of humour. In business he is fair minded and works hard.

He takes risks in order to achieve success. The King Of wands are often great initiators, impatient,impulsive and trend setters. They are full of bright creative ides with the drive to back them up.

In his private life he is romantic, loving, idealistic,loyal. They can inspire others with their driven energy and warmth of expression. King of Wands tend to stress the glamorous. In relationships they may be unfairly possessive because they themselves require a lot of personal space. King of Wands are also honest extremely hopeful and optimistic. King of Wands usually stand for travellers, foreign business contacts pr sometimes elusive,colourful individuals who are impossible to pin down.

When negative, they reveal an undesirable character. His opinions are one-sided. He is intolerant, insensitive and selfish. He is ambitious, not that its a bad thing but little will stop him on his travel to the pinnacle. When they are bored they may go ballistic or at least seem detached.

Negatively, The King of Wands is vain and constantly needs attention and can be overwhelmingly dramatic. Everything must center on them. The spotlight must be fixedly focused on them or they will sulk and throw temper tantrum. In relationships, King Of Wands suggests someone who is lively, pompous and charmingly interesting-in the short term. He loves his freedom so much that he is ultimately unavailable. If you are ever caught up in a love relationship with this guy just enjoy it while it lasts.

Remember, all the basic character traits of the King of Wands and most definitely have a clear understanding of the meaning of each tarot cards and be guided by your intuition when you most want to give a unique tarot card interpretation and bulls-eye kind of tarot reading.

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