Tarot Symbolism And Tarot Card Meaning Of Justice

Published: 09th June 2009
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Seek legal counsel, ask advice from elders. You may be involved in a tedious red tape or negotiations. What goes around comes around. Read the entire article to fully learn the tarot symbolism and tarot card meaning of Justice.

Justice depicts a female figure holding the scales and sword. This figure is a familiar one although she is usually blindfolded nowadays. Other cultures saw the Justice as Fate Incarnate who presided over laws of karma or cause and effect. She dealt out retribution or honors accordingly.

Libra is linked with the card Justice. Libra signifies harmony and balance particularly the mental kind. Beacuse Libra is an airy sign it relates primarily to the mental realms and mental balance rather than emotional concerns.

Placing Justice between The Chariot and The Hermit also denotes the transitory nature of worldly glory or attachment to material values. Inner development must be accomplish otherwise Fate may weigh in her scales.

The number eight is associated with the idea of justice;there is an old belief that there were eight blessings for the chosen and eight punishments for the souls of the damned.Eleven suggests that luck and prosperity will come out of adversity and could therefore be considered more appropriate for Strength.

The basic tarot card meaning of Justice is choice or decision. The kind of decision that is primarily logical. A list of pros and cons should make a clear choice. A sharp mind is required when you draw this card in a tarot card reading.

Another important tarot card meaning of Justice is you are balanced with a fair clear-sighted view of life. You are not over doing things in any area or neglecting some part of your life in favour of another.

The tarot symbolism of this card is legal documents requiring signature, a court case or negotiations.

When Justice appears in a tarot card reading it is the answer to questions connected with the law,contracts or formal agreements. It can indicate accountants,judges,solicitors and union leaders or people which have minds ideally suited for calm and logical negotiation.

If you are involved with some kind of legal battle, Justice suggests that the matter will be resolves in your favor. But if you are being greedy or making unreasonable demands then you may get less than you hoped for. That's basically the tarot card meaning of Justice when you draw it in a tarot card reading.

Jovita Orais started reading tarot professionally in the mid nineties. To fully learn the tarot card meaning of each card of the tarot deck visit Tarot Meaning Information.

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